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Troubleshooting Your Houston Commercial HVAC Office Thermostat

Making sure that all components of your Houston commercial HVAC system are in proper working order can help you keep your tenants and employees happy while ensuring that your utility bills stay as low as possible throughout the year. Your thermostat is a critical element in the proper functioning of a modern HVAC system. Here are some of the most important ways for testing your thermostat to make sure it is working properly.

Beware Dummy Thermostats

Depending on the age of your commercial building, you may have dummy thermostats installed in various areas of your property. These devices were most likely installed during the 1960s as part of an overall trend toward increasing energy management and lowering heating costs in these commercial buildings. By providing employees with the illusion of control, building managers could reduce the number of complaints about colder temperatures by staff members. Some of these dummy thermostats can be quite ornate; however, they provide no useful information about the status of your Houston commercial HVAC system.

Inspect the Thermostat

In some cases, the problem with your thermostat may be obvious. Loose wires, missing or drained batteries and tripped circuit breakers could all cause your thermostat to malfunction. Checking for these obvious problems can sometimes provide you with enough information to deal with thermostat issues on your own. In most cases, however, seeking the help of a Houston commercial lighting services and HVAC repair company is the best way to deal with thermostat problems in a commercial building.

Check the Temperatures

Especially for hospitals and clinics, keeping temperatures within a specific range can help patients to feel more comfortable and at ease. This can sometimes have a significant effect on recovery rates and overall satisfaction with healthcare services. If temperatures inside your building vary widely from the setting on your thermostat, calling a company that specializes in Houston healthcare facilities services can ensure the most appropriate and practical solutions for your thermostat issues throughout your clinic or hospital.

At Maintaining It Right Enterprises, we offer comprehensive commercial maintenance for all types of business in the Houston area. If you are experiencing difficulties with your thermostat or any other part of your HVAC system, we can help with advanced training and the skills needed to promote a more comfortable indoor environment. We will work with you and your staff members to determine the most effective solutions for all your building maintenance needs. Give M.I.R. Enterprises a call today at 281-469-2140 to schedule service or to discuss your current maintenance needs. We look forward to the serving you and your company.

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