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Houston Disaster Response & Building Maintenance

Disaster preparation is one of the most critical policies that should be set in place in case of an emergency. Likewise, being prepared for an unforeseen disaster is the best defense against an unforeseen disaster. Between hurricanes, floods, or fires, you never have warning before one strikes. There is normally only time to react, so what do you do?

Having a disaster preparation plan in order is the first defense needed in the event of a disaster. An emergency response team on call is a great tool for getting through a situation of desperate measures. Additionally, knowing what equipment needs to be shut down in the event of a disaster is part of preventative preparation. For instance, creating a fire escape route is an example of preventative preparation that M.I.R. Enterprises prides itself on.

We offer:

  • Disaster Preparation
  • Emergency Response Team

Action taken during the first twenty-four hours is critical in helping to reduce damages and minimize your business loss. We work with you to develop a comprehensive emergency plan to respond to almost any situation. Contact us today to schedule a free building audit and to talk to us about how we can prepare you for a disaster before one strikes.

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