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Commercial Concrete & Parking Lot Maintenance & Repair

Cracked concrete. We offer concrete repair and maintenance for your commercial properties.Proper repair and maintenance for your commercial parking lot will ensure you get the best looking concrete for its maximum life. Inspect your concrete regularly and provide a proper sealer when the previous seal wears down. Handling and taking care of cracks, gaps, and potholes are extremely important. This is because they can cause unsafe walkways and hazards.

Graffiti deters customers, attracts vandals, and the longer you wait, the more expensive it can be to remove. In addition, unwanted graffiti can also unnerve occupants and guests. In other words, graffiti can make your facility become an instant eye sore. Furthermore, this type of spray paint will eventually sunbake into the surface. The longer the graffiti stays, the harder and more expensive it is to remove. Our team works fast to restore the appearance of your facility and can help project an image of cleanliness and safety to your community.

Enterprises offers in its roster of services a remedy for both concrete maintenance and graffiti removal:

A number of facilities rely on regular parking lot maintenance to keep their premises safe while improving curb appeal. If you facility’s parking lot needs repair and maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us at (281) 469-2140.

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