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New Developments in Houston Commercial HVAC Technology

Your Houston commercial HVAC company can help you keep your cool indoors even when temperatures rise this summer. Modern advances in air conditioning technologies could make it even easier to maintain comfortable temperatures inside your business facilities and retail locations. Here are some of the most important new developments in the HVAC field. 

Combination Units 

Prototype units are currently in production that combine the functions of a dehumidifier, a water heater and an air conditioner in one piece of equipment. This can reduce the space needed for these units while providing all-in-one convenience and comfort. Proper dehumidification can significantly reduce the cost of cooling your commercial buildings when temperatures rise outside. 

Improved Heat Exchangers 

One of the most innovative projects currently in development is a new configuration for heat exchangers. By reducing the joints typically present in these components by roughly 90 percent, the new heat exchanger will reduce leaks of refrigerant chemicals. This will make them an ideal choice for Houston healthcare facilities services and other areas in which indoor air quality is a high priority. The new heat exchangers can also provide added reliability for Houston commercial HVAC units that ensure that patients and customers stay cool and comfortable even during the hottest days of a Texas summer. 

Caloric Cooling 

Caloric cooling methods utilize ferroelectric and polymer materials that can generate electrocaloric responses when exposed to magnetic, mechanical or electrical fields. In laboratory conditions, caloric cooling can provide much greater energy efficiency and improved performance. The materials used can dramatically change the temperature during the process, providing the power behind these advanced cooling strategies. While caloric cooling is still in development, it may have a big impact on the way you cool your commercial buildings in the near future. 

Advanced Energy Storage 

An add-on unit that collects waste heat generated by HVAC systems and stores it for future use could eventually reduce the amount of energy lost during regular operation of your heating and cooling equipment. Experts estimate that these advanced energy storage systems will eventually achieve 70 percent efficiency and could even improve the performance of your HVAC unit by as much as 35 percent. 

At M.I.R. Enterprises, we are committed to maintaining it right and ensuring the greatest comfort inside your commercial buildings. We offer the most advanced Houston commercial lighting services, plumbing, painting, HVAC and many other maintenance options for your business enterprises. If you need expert help to maintain your commercial buildings in the Houston area, call M.I.R. Enterprises today at 281-469-2140 to schedule a consultation or to request emergency repairs. We look forward to serving you.

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