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Why Humidity Levels Matter in Healthcare Facilities

Houston Healthcare Facilities ServicesMaintaining healthy levels of humidity inside healthcare facilities is critical to ensure the best outcomes for patients. Working with a Houston commercial HVAC company is often the most practical way to manage humidity levels and promote a healthy environment inside hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Understanding the Dangers of Pathogens in Hospitals and Clinics

Infections are among the biggest risks to patients in hospitals and clinics. Studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that hospital-acquired infections affect nearly five percent of all patients. Finding ways to reduce the incidence of infections promotes a healthy environment and reduces the risks associated with a hospital stay. Maintaining a healthy indoor humidity level reduces mold and maintains good indoor air quality for patients.

Exploring the Link Between Humidity and Pathogens

High humidity levels have been positively linked to increased virus, bacteria and mold growth. Companies that provide Houston healthcare facilities services are capable of installing equipment that monitor and adjust humidity levels. Keeping relative humidity at levels between 30 and 60 percent is a good way to suppress the growth of unwanted bacteria and protect patients.

Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

Large amounts of mold, pathogens or other pollutants are relatively common in buildings. Sick building syndrome is a condition that can affect patients and workers in healthcare facilities. This medical condition is often caused by issues with HVAC equipment that cause high humidity levels. The right HVAC maintenance services can ensure that your hospital offers a healthy environment for its occupants.

Managing Humidity Levels for Faster Healing

Air that is too dry can cause irritation of the sinuses and mucus membranes. This can cause discomfort for patients and slow down the healing process in some cases. Working with a company that provides Houston commercial HVAC maintenance is the best way to keep humidity levels within safe parameters for your patients and staff.

At M.I.R. Enterprises, we offer Houston commercial HVAC and building maintenance services for healthcare facilities in our area. We work with you to manage humidity levels and to promote the best indoor air quality for your patients and staff. Call us today at 281-469-2140 to request emergency repair services, HVAC maintenance or Houston commercial lighting services from our team. We look forward to the chance to serve you.

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