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Using Energy Management Control Systems for Your Business

Houston commercial HVACWith today’s technology, it can be easy to manage energy use. Energy management control systems (EMCS) can regulate many things, including Houston commercial HVAC units, lighting, and other equipment in your building. There are many benefits of using these systems in your business. When operated and maintained properly, they are a great investment for your company. EMCS’s were created to monitor and control energy consumption. By paying attention to how much energy your facility is using, you can become more eco-friendly and save money.

Benefits of Having Energy Management Control Systems for Houston Commercial HVAC, Lighting, and More

EMCS’s can help your business in a lot of different ways. When operated and maintained correctly, energy management control systems can decrease utility costs. They have the ability to reduce energy consumption by 10-30%, which leads to large savings in the long term. Additionally, they can increase your productivity by keeping your staff comfortable. Studies show that employees work harder if they are comfortable in their work environment. So, an EMCS that controls Houston commercial HVAC systems can help your bottom line in a few ways.

Of course, there is also the benefit of finding problems as they arise. Through careful monitoring, these systems can indicate when it is time for Houston commercial lighting services or Houston commercial HVAC maintenance. When lights or HVAC units aren’t functioning at peak performance, their energy consumption will fluctuate. That can be the first sign that you need maintenance for these systems.

Components of EMCS

Generally, your EMCS will have a few different components. These can include:

  • Timers to turn lights and equipment on and off
  • Motion or heat sensors to detect when people are nearby
  • Programable thermostats to automatically adjust your Houston commercial HVAC system

These systems can come in a variety of different configurations, so they are customizable to your needs. Centralized controls can help you manage and maintain your facility to ensure it is operating its best.

However, maintenance is essential for energy management control systems and their components. Sensors need to be recalibrated periodically and your system needs to be inspected regularly. This will ensure that your system is in good working order.

Maintaining It Right Enterprises provides high-quality maintenance services that are customized to your needs. We offer maintenance for EMCS, HVAC, lighting, Houston healthcare facilities services, and much more to help you manage your building properly. Our computerized preventative maintenance logs mean nothing slips through the cracks. For more information about our services, call us at (281) 469-2140 today. We are here to serve you.

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