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Different Types of Houston Commercial HVAC Systems

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Do you know if your building has chillers or air conditioners? Knowing the type of Houston commercial HVAC systems you have will help you maintain them for years to come.

Do you know which Houston commercial HVAC systems your building uses? Generally, there are two types of systems to help cool down your building. Knowing about these different types of commercial HVAC systems can help you determine which is best for your building. Also, understanding the differences will help you make a maintenance plan to keep your facilities comfortable all year long.

What Types of Houston Commercial HVAC Systems Are There?

Naturally, there are many different brands and models of Houston commercial HVAC systems. However, they fall into one of two categories: air conditioners and chillers. Both of these commercial cooling systems have the same function: removing heat from the air so your buildings are comfortable.

Air conditioning units draw in warm external air and use a condenser to cool it down. The condenser removes the heat and transfers it outside or to water or fluid inside the unit. Then, it takes the cooled air and sends it into the building.

By contrast, chiller Houston commercial HVAC systems remove heat from the air that is already inside your building. They generally do so by circulating cooled liquid that passes through either your pipes and air handler coils or in fan units in your facility. Essentially chiller systems absorb the heat from the air rather than cooling exterior air. Businesses can also use chillers to cool equipment like MRI machines and tooling equipment. Then, your HVAC system transfers the heat it removes outside, typically using the cooling towers on top of your building.

When to Use A/C Units and When to Use Chillers

So, when should you use an air conditioner and when should you use a chiller? Typically, air conditioners are only used for homes and small spaces like offices. Air conditioning units generally provide more precise temperature control. However, for larger commercial and industrial spaces, air conditioning Houston commercial HVAC systems are less efficient than chillers. In bigger spaces or in facilities that require equipment cooling, it’s best to opt for chiller systems.

At MIR Enterprises, our expert technicians help you maintain your HVAC systems for comfort, a longer service life, and lower utility costs. Whether you have AC units or chillers, we have the experience you need to keep them in great condition. In addition to HVAC services, we also provide Houston commercial lighting services and comprehensive Houston healthcare facilities services. We work with a broad range of buildings and industries and are sure we can help you keep your building and its systems in great repair. Call us today at (281) 469-2140 to learn more or request 24-hour emergency service. We are here to serve you!

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