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Six Reasons Your Company Should Install ENERGY STAR LED Lighting This Year

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, lighting accounts for between 20 and 50 percent of the electric energy expenditures sustained by most companies. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR light-emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions from existing incandescent bulbs and fixtures can reduce your costs by as much as 75 percent. Enlisting the help of an experienced Houston commercial lighting maintenance firm can provide your company with solid options in managing utility bills and reducing your overhead to enhance your profitability. Here are six reasons to invest in ENERGY STAR LED lighting this year.


LED lighting is more durable than fluorescent or incandescent lighting solutions. This can save your company a considerable amount on unavoidable breakage and can ensure greater cost-efficiency for your maintenance budget. This can also make storage of these lighting devices more convenient and can streamline installation and replacement for staff members to save you time and maintain a greater degree of safety in the working environment.

Lower Costs for Cooling

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights produce minimal heat during operation. This can help your company reduce its expenses for cooling during the summer months and can reduce your carbon footprint to allow you to maintain green-friendly operating practices throughout your facilities. Lower loads on your air conditioning equipment may even increase the longevity of these major systems to reduce your overhead costs still more. In combination with Houston commercial HVAC services, this can ensure the most effective use of your corporate maintenance budget.

Increased Comfort for Staff

The lower heat production of LED lighting can result in greater comfort for your facility staff, especially in areas that require bright illumination for optimal performance of duties. Companies that specialize in providing Houston healthcare facilities services can offer the right maintenance solutions to ensure adequate lighting in these demanding environments without affecting indoor climate for patients and staff. This can prove useful in emergency rooms, operating rooms and in other areas where temperature control and lighting issues are ongoing concerns.

Longer Life

ENERGY STAR LED lighting is designed to last much longer than comparable fluorescent or incandescent bulb-based systems. LEDs can last as much as 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and offer five times the life of fluorescent lights, making them a cost-effective choice both in terms of replacement costs and in time and effort expended by your maintenance staff. This can also reduce disruption in your workplace due to required lighting replacements.


ENERGY STAR LED lights come with a three-year guarantee to ensure that they perform up to your expectations. This exceeds all industry standards and can provide you with greater peace of mind in implementing your new lighting project. The ENERGY STAR guarantee is an important advantage of these advanced lighting systems.

Added Flexibility

Many ENERGY STAR LED systems include motion sensor and LED dimming technologies to provide greater versatility in your working environment:

  • Motion sensor capabilities can be used to provide added security in outdoor areas and to reduce costs in less frequently used parts of your facility.
  • Dimmers deliver exceptional comfort in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities and can provide adequate light for staff members while allowing patients to sleep in peace.
  • Automatic shut-off functions can save your company money during off-work hours and in areas seldom accessed by staff.

These functions can provide your company with financial savings and increased flexibility in how your lighting system is used.

Consulting with an established commercial maintenance firm can help you determine the most effective lighting solutions for your Houston facilities. These knowledgeable professionals can often provide expert installation of new ENERGY STAR LED systems to reduce your overhead costs and increase your company’s overall energy efficiency for many years to come.

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