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Houston Healthcare Facilities Services & Your Patients

Houston Healthcare Facilities Services – Maintaining It Right Enterprises

Houston healthcare facilities services can help keep your patients happy by making sure your facility looks nice and has adequate systems for patient health and comfort.

Houston healthcare facilities services help you keep your medical facility running. Imagine trying to run a hospital without having someone to replace the light bulbs when they go out. However, Houston healthcare facilities services are more important than ever. Medical facility maintenance can make or break your patient satisfaction scores, which has a huge impact on your facility’s success.

Houston Healthcare Facilities Services Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

Patient satisfaction is vital for your facility and is becoming increasingly important. Approximately 30% of Medicare reimbursement decisions come down to satisfaction scores from patients. Several factors influence these scores, including the physical environment. Houston healthcare facilities services help keep your patient satisfaction scores high and your facility running like a well-oiled machine.

Several studies link the physical environment to patient satisfaction scores, patient stress, health outcomes, and quality of care. For instance, lighting can affect length of stay. Studies show that patients who stay in well-lit rooms spent less time in a healthcare facility. Lighting also has a significant impact on mood, which can affect your patient satisfaction scores and health outcomes. Therefore, Houston healthcare facilities services can influence how your patients feel and, ultimately, your facility’s bottom line.

Well-maintained medical facilities help your patients feel safe and comfortable. For example, Houston commercial HVAC maintenance helps you regulate temperature inside your facility so it’s not too hot or too cold for patients’ health and comfort. In addition, the state of your building can affect how people perceive your facility and the care they receive. For example, if it seems like you don’t care enough to apply a fresh coat of paint to walls with chipped paint, patients may unconsciously believe that you won’t provide them with the high quality care they need. Therefore, even if they received the same services as anywhere else, they may rate you lower in an unattractive or unmaintained building.

How to Keep Your Physical Environment in Great Condition

How do you keep up with your physical environment as well as all the other aspects of managing your facility? Working with a team that specializes in Houston healthcare facilities services is a great start. Together, you can create a preventative maintenance plan. This helps you take care of your building and systems before they need major repairs. Also, computerized healthcare facility maintenance logs can help prevent maintenance needs from slipping through the cracks or being forgotten. Therefore, choose a maintenance crew with the knowledge and skills you need for your medical facility.

At M.I.R. Enterprises, we provide high quality building maintenance solutions for medical facilities and commercial buildings of all types. Our team offers a wide range of services, including Houston commercial lighting services, electrical maintenance, and Houston commercial HVAC maintenance to keep your facility in good repair. When you need high quality service and a dedicated maintenance team, call us at (281) 469-2140. We offer 24-hour service for all your maintenance needs. We are here to serve you!

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