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Houston Healthcare Facilities Services: Electric Maintenance

Technician servicing electrical wiring for Houston healthcare facilities services

Houston healthcare facilities services for electrical systems help keep the power on for your patients, staff, and visitors.

Houston healthcare facilities services help keep your medical facility in good condition so your team can provide quality care to patients in need. Reliable electricity is necessary for modern healthcare, powering essential equipment from the lights in the operating room to MRI machines needed for many diagnoses. However, electrical systems in your facility do age and experience damage and wear and tear over time. A proactive maintenance program can help you avoid problems related to electrical systems in your healthcare facility.

Houston Healthcare Facilities Services for Electrical Systems

Generally, electrical maintenance programs are tailored to your specific facility and electrical equipment. For instance, in many cases our Houston building maintenance team recommends following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding maintenance. However, there are a few specific services that can help maintain your healthcare electrical system and keep it in good condition. 

Houston healthcare facilities services for electrical maintenance include regular inspections from qualified electrical professionals. Inspections can help identify signs of damage or wear and tear before it causes issues for your facility. Inspecting, cleaning, and testing critical equipment, such as electrical panels, transfer units, and emergency generators, assists with early detection of potential malfunctions or aged equipment. 

Other common electrical maintenance services for healthcare facilities include repairing or replacing equipment or wiring as needed to maintain system reliability and capacity. In some cases, you may even need to increase electrical capacity for your facility, particularly if your building is older and the electrical system hasn’t been recently retrofitted. Today, healthcare professionals require even more electrical power to provide medical care. Your maintenance experts can help you address all these needs as part of a preventative electrical maintenance program. 

Why Preventative Houston Building Maintenance for Electrical Systems

Preventative electrical maintenance offers value for your healthcare facility in many ways. For example, regular maintenance can actually save money for your facility. Ongoing maintenance reduces costs for emergency repairs and replacements and can also help extend the life cycle of electrical infrastructure. 

Also, regular maintenance can improve reliability and safety for your healthcare facility’s electrical distribution system. Even small power fluctuations put patients and sensitive equipment at risk. In many medical facilities, power outages from damaged or aged electrical equipment can seriously affect safety for patients, staff, and visitors. Preventative maintenance can help prevent many unexpected outages due to equipment damage. 

If you need another reason to invest in Houston healthcare facilities services for electrical maintenance, it’s also necessary for regulatory compliance. Many different agencies have certain codes in place that determine electrical maintenance for healthcare facilities. For example the NFPA, CMS, as well as local municipalities may have certain standards for maintenance schedules, documentation, and activities. Therefore, electrical maintenance is also necessary to stay on the right side of the law. 

MIR Enterprises – Specializing in Healthcare Facility Maintenance Since 1994

Building maintenance is simple when you choose our team at MIR Enterprises. We offer comprehensive maintenance services to help healthcare facilities and commercial buildings of all types and sizes. Our professionals can help with everything from Houston commercial lighting services to graffiti removal for your building. Call us 24/7 at (281) 469-2140 to request service.

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