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Houston Commercial Lighting Services: Why Upgrade Lighting

Tools, parts, and light bulbs for Houston commercial lighting services

Houston commercial lighting services can help you upgrade to better, more efficient lighting in your building.

Upgrading the lighting in your commercial building offers many benefits. Houston commercial lighting services for lighting retrofits offer high ROI and can improve your building in many ways. If your lights are old, outdated, or need frequent repairs, it may be time for an upgrade. In this article, we will discuss key reasons to update commercial lighting.

Why Invest in Houston Commercial Lighting Services for Lighting Upgrades?

Of course, new light fixtures, bulbs, wiring, and the Houston commercial lighting services to install them are an investment. However, in many cases it is a good investment for building owners. Upgrading to newer lighting technology means you can take advantage of more efficient lights for increased energy savings and a decreased carbon footprint for your organization. Newer lighting also looks and performs better than many older options.

Light Upgrades Improve Energy Savings and Efficiency

One major reason many commercial buildings are upgrading lighting is to reduce energy use. According to ENERGY STAR, lighting accounts for 17% of all energy use from commercial buildings. Many old lighting options, such as incandescent, halogen, HID, and fluorescent lights use significantly more energy than newer LED light options. You can replace lighting fixtures inside your building with new LED options or even in many cases retrofit existing fixtures to use LED bulbs. For even more energy reducing lighting upgrades, consider using timers or motion sensors to control commercial lighting systems.

LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than many older light bulbs and last nearly 15 times longer. This not only results in savings on utility costs for your building, but also reduces the time, hassle, and expense of Houston commercial lighting services for replacing burnt out bulbs. Also, let’s not forget that reducing energy use in your commercial building is a great way to become more eco-friendly in an increasingly environmentally conscious world, which may just impress your employees, customers, and community. 

Upgraded Lights Offer Better Lighting for Your Building

Another reason to have your Houston building maintenance crew install new lighting throughout your commercial building is that newer fixtures and bulbs often look and work better. Outdated lighting fixtures tend to give the entire building a run down look, which makes a poor impression on customers, employees, and visitors. 

Also, newer LED lighting often works much better than older fixtures. Not only do they offer brighter lighting, many LED bulbs mimic daylight. This reduces eye strain and fatigue and can help improve focus and productivity for your building. Newer lighting also reduces heat given off by bulbs. This helps keep your building as comfortable as possible, whether you’re managing a school, office, or hospital. 

Houston Commercial Lighting Services and Building Maintenance from MIR Enterprises

At MIR Enterprises, we are your one source for all building maintenance. Our qualified technicians offer a wide range of services. With us, you can take care of your facility with just one point of contact. Whether you need Houston commercial HVAC maintenance, lighting upgrades, or graffiti removal, we have solutions for you. Contact us now to discover how we can help you start Maintaining It Right.

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