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Houston Commercial Lighting Services & Patient Outcomes

Houston Commercial Lighting Services - MIR Enterprises

Houston commercial lighting services for your healthcare facility can help with patient outcomes and your medical staff’s job performance.

Is it time to upgrade your healthcare facility’s lighting? Houston commercial lighting services from our team include full-scale lighting installation when you need it. As you consider the options, keep some key research in mind to choose the best lighting for your facility.

Houston Commercial Lighting Services for Healthcare Lighting Control

According to a recent survey, healthcare workers want better control over lighting. Medical staff in the study said they wanted more control over increasing and decreasing light levels in patient rooms. With Houston commercial lighting services, facility managers can replace old lighting that meets these requirements to encourage better patient care and patient outcomes. 

Installing Lights that Encourage Natural Circadian Rhythms for Patients

One important thing to consider if you’re planning to replace the lighting in your healthcare facility is how they will affect circadian rhythms. Numerous studies show that lighting can play a role in disrupting circadian rhythms. Cool white light helps keep us awake, while warmer light can help with melatonin production. For patient rooms, it may make the most sense to install lighting that can change temperature to fit these natural circadian rhythms. This may help promote rest and healing.

However, as you consider the options for Houston commercial lighting services, you’ll also need to consider your medical staff. For example, 24 hour facilities means having overnight staff who need to stay awake. Therefore, it would make sense that in those facilities, hallways and staff rooms have cool lighting to help them feel alert. 

Better Lighting for Medical Staff Visual Acuity

Another reason it may be time to upgrade your healthcare lights with Houston commercial lighting services is to help with visual acuity. Many of the participants in the study about how light affects healthcare said that lighting also affected their job performance. This may come down to visual acuity. Being able to increase the brightness for sharp vision can be important for diagnosis and care. 

In addition, as you consider new lighting for your healthcare facility, you also want to look at CRI scores. Color rendering index, or CRI, is a score given to lighting that assesses how close colors look in the light compared to daylight. The higher the score, the closer the color looks. As medical staff in your facility assess things like rashes, lesions, or even blood tests, color rendering can make a big difference in care. Therefore, pick lighting that offers a high CRI score for your Houston healthcare facilities services team to install. 

Houston Commercial Lighting Services: Install and Maintain with M.I.R. Enterprises

When you need building maintenance services for your healthcare facility, our specialists at M.I.R. Enterprises are here for you. Since 1994, we’ve been providing quality service to healthcare and commercial facilities of all types. Whether you need new lighting installed or need Houston commercial HVAC maintenance, our team has the expertise you need. Call us today at (281) 469-2140 to learn more or request service for your facility.

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