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Houston Commercial Lighting Services: Light Maintenance

ceiling lights need Houston commercial lighting services for maintenance

Houston commercial lighting services can help you keep your lights in good condition.

You rely on your lighting system. Making sure lights in your facility are reliable is important for safety and operations. Houston commercial lighting services can help with the preventive maintenance you need for your lighting systems. In this article, we’ll discuss types of maintenance needed for lighting and why you should invest in lighting maintenance services.

Houston Commercial Lighting Services: Maintenance Services for Lights

Whether you have brand-new lights or existing lights, designing a maintenance program is essential for keeping them in good condition. Yet, many facility managers don’t know what maintenance tasks are needed for lighting systems. This leaves you metaphorically (and physically) sitting in the dark. 

Each lighting system maintenance program is different. However, there are some basic tasks to complete, such as:

  • Inspecting bulbs/lamps, ballasts, housings, and controls
  • Cleaning housings and controls
  • Recalibrating lighting controls
  • Repairing damaged components
  • Replacing aging lights

When it comes to replacing lights, you can take either a spot approach or a group approach. Spot replacement involves replacing damaged light fixtures when they malfunction. Group replacement, however, is a planned replacement strategy to address issues from aging lights before they become a problem. Doing this in groups or zones can help control the upfront costs of Houston commercial lighting services of replacing lights in your facility.

Why Get Houston Building Maintenance Services for Lighting Systems?

Now, you might be thinking, why invest in Houston building maintenance services for lighting? Budgeting for lighting maintenance is a great way to reduce long-term costs for your facility. 

Preventive maintenance can improve reliability and performance for your lights by addressing problems before they cause failure. For instance, if you have a damaged or worn component, an inspection can help identify the need for repair or replacement before the light burns out. This is important in any facility, but can prove even more essential for healthcare facilities. Burnt-out lights may be a nuisance for office workers, but a dark OR can create life or death situations. Therefore, if you manage a healthcare facility, make sure you address lighting maintenance as part of your Houston healthcare facilities services

In addition, regular maintenance can actually improve energy efficiency. Aging lighting consumes more energy than newer, more efficient models. Damaged lights may also use more energy. This drives costs up and negatively impacts the environment. Routine maintenance, however, can help keep your lights in top shape to reduce energy use in your facility.

Preventive Maintenance Solutions from M.I.R. Enterprises

When you need quality maintenance services, our experts at M.I.R. Enterprises go above and beyond. We specialize in healthcare and commercial properties providing a wide range of maintenance services. We are your single source for everything from lighting maintenance to re-keying. Call us 24/7 at (281) 469-2140 to request maintenance. 

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