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Houston Commercial Lighting Services: Flood Lights

flood light at dusk houston commercial lighting services

Houston commercial lighting services for flood lights help keep your property illuminated after dark.

Considering flood lights for your property? You’ll need expert Houston commercial lighting services for installing or retrofitting your outdoor flood lights! Learn more about how flood light installation works and why you might need these services for your facility.

Houston Commercial Lighting Services for Outdoor Flood Light Installation & Retrofitting

Houston commercial lighting services for flood lights can take many forms. For example, if you’re installing new outdoor flood lights, then you may need electrical work and wiring to accommodate your facility’s needs. For retrofits, it might be time to evaluate your whole outdoor lighting system and create a new system that better fits your needs. Even if you already have flood lights, newer models are often more effective and efficient. Take, for example, LED flood lights, which are highly energy efficient and require less frequent replacement. 

If you are looking at installing outdoor lighting fixtures for your commercial building, there are generally two ways to go: pole-mounted or wall-mounted flood lights. Which one you choose depends on your facility and your goals for improved lighting. 

Generally, pole-mounted flood lights are great for larger open areas like parking lots. Commercial lighting services to install these involve installing the pole and outdoor lighting fixtures, as well as electrical wiring services to supply them with power. If you need lighting further away from your building, then pole-mounted flood lights are likely your best option. 

However, if you need lighting for walkways near your building, or to help light up entrances and exits, then wall-mounted commercial flood lights might be the better solution. Generally these are mounted to exterior walls on your building to help improve security and visibility for several feet extending from your building. Installing wall-mounted flood lights generally involves electrical work to run power to the outdoor wall lighting fixture as well as drilling into your building’s exterior to mount the light to your building. 

Outdoor flood lights can be difficult to install, so choose professionals with experience for your Houston commercial lighting services. Improperly installed commercial lights can hinder performance and even cause safety hazards for your commercial property.

Why Have Flood Lights on Commercial Properties?

There are a few reasons why you might install outdoor lights for your commercial facility. They can help improve:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Visibility

In parking lots, outdoor lights can help drivers see potential hazards, like other people and cars. In addition, many facilities that operate 24 hours a day need lighting to help keep operations going after dark. For instance, commercial outdoor lighting retrofitting and installation are common Houston healthcare facilities services for hospitals and other 24/7 facilities. 

Adequate lighting can help others see potential hazards that can cause slips and falls, car crashes, and other accidents on your property, which can be a huge liability for you. Also, lights can help deter trespassers, burglars, and other criminals. Lights can also help increase the chance of catching nefarious activities. Therefore, if you lack outdoor commercial lighting, or your lighting is older, it might be time to consider services to improve lighting on your property.

Specialized Maintenance Services for Commercial and Healthcare Properties

At M.I.R. Enterprises, our specialists offer a wide range of maintenance services for commercial and healthcare properties. We’ve been helping businesses just like yours maintain their buildings since 1994. Whether you need lighting installation or maintenance or Houston commercial HVAC service, our experts are here for you. As Houston’s trusted maintenance team, we provide the highest quality services for our clients. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you keep your property in great condition. Call us now at (281) 469-2140 to request prompt, high quality service for your facility!

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