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Houston Commercial Lighting Services: Ballast Replacement

light fixture needs Houston commercial lighting services for ballast replacement

Lights dim, flickering, or humming? You might need Houston commercial lighting services to replace the ballast.

Do your hallways look like a scene from a horror movie with dim, flickering, and humming lights? You might need Houston commercial lighting services to replace faulty ballasts. Ballasts are devices that help distribute and regulate electricity to light bulbs, mostly tubular fluorescent bulbs you might have in your facility. We’ll discuss how to tell if you need ballast replacement services and other options that might work for your facility’s lighting. 

Signs You Need Houston Commercial Lighting Services for Worn Out Ballasts

So, how do you know if you need ballast replacement? One of the easiest ways to tell is to simply try a new bulb. If you’re still experiencing the same issues, there’s a good chance that your ballast is faulty or worn out. Keep in mind that ballasts are primarily only found in fluorescent light fixtures like those that take T8 and T5 light bulbs. Some older parking lot lighting like high intensity discharge (HID) lights may also use ballasts. 

Some signs you might need ballast replacement are:

  • Flickering lights
  • Humming or buzzing lights
  • Dim lights
  • Brightness or hue changes

Most light ballasts are designed to last around 20 years or so. However, some conditions can shorten their lifespan. For example, using low quality bulbs can put extra stress on the ballast and cause premature failure. However, most often ballasts fail before their expected service life because of the surrounding environment. Heat and moisture are common culprits, particularly in Houston. If you’re dealing with constant ballast replacement (and uncomfortable temperatures) because of heat and humidity, then you might want to look at your Houston commercial HVAC system and have it serviced to help reduce costs for ballast replacement. 

Consider Retrofitting to Newer, More Efficient Options

In the past, fluorescent lights with ballasts were the best option for most commercial buildings. Today, there are now many different options to help keep your facility well-lit without the need for ballasts. For instance, LEDs, halogen, and incandescent lights don’t need a ballast to regulate electricity to the bulb. Many of these options can also be more energy-efficient than fluorescent options. Therefore, many building owners are choosing to retrofit old fluorescent lights for LED and other lighting options.

There are a couple of ways to do this, depending on your goals and budget. For instance, retrofitting Houston commercial lighting services can mean simply bypassing the ballast by re-wiring the existing light fixture. This can typically allow you to use tubular LEDS or other bulbs. Another option is to replace the fixture with a newer one that is specifically designed for the type of light you’d prefer to use in your facility. Whatever the case, our maintenance team is here to help you achieve your goals. 

All Your Building Maintenance Needs from M.I.R. Enterprises

Need help with building maintenance? Maintaining It Right is our motto at M.I.R. Enterprises! Our team is here to help with all the maintenance services you need to keep your facility operating efficiently. Whether you need help replacing your light fixtures in your office building or are looking for turnkey Houston healthcare facilities services, we are here to help 24/7. Call us now at (281) 469-2140 to learn more or request maintenance services for your facility!

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