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Houston Commercial HVAC Maintenance Checklists

Houston Commercial HVAC – Maintaining It Right Enterprises

Interior temperatures affect your staff’s productivity. Ensure you receive the Houston commercial HVAC maintenance you need to keep your customers and staff comfortable.

Packaged rooftop units and chiller systems are the two main types of commercial heating and cooling systemsEach system needs regular Houston commercial HVAC maintenance to run efficiently. Houston commercial HVAC failure and breakdown can wreak havoc on your operations. Uncomfortable temperatures can impact staff productivity. Also, replacement systems can cost your business a fortune. Therefore, ensure you receive the HVAC services you need from your building maintenance team. Here is a basic guideline for commercial HVAC maintenance.

Houston Commercial HVAC Maintenance for Packaged Rooftop Units

Rooftop Houston commercial HVAC units need regular preventative maintenance services. This keeps your building comfortable and also reduces energy costs. These systems circulate heated or cooled air throughout your building. Here is a basic maintenance schedule for your packaged rooftop units:

Annual HVAC Maintenance

Annual preventative maintenance for your Houston commercial HVAC system includes:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the blower wheel housing
  • Inspecting the motor
  • Checking for broken, loose, or worn belts
  • Lubricating the motor and bearings
  • Changing the drive belt
  • Cleaning and treating the condenser coils
  • Performing amperage checks
  • Inspecting the economizer and its components

Seasonal Houston Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Also, your commercial HVAC maintenance program should include seasonal maintenance for your system. This should include:

  • Overall inspection for dirty, worn, or broken components
  • Checking the refrigerant charge
  • Inspecting the gas pressure
  • Performing any needed repairs or replacements for optimal operation

Monthly Filter Inspections

In addition, your building maintenance technicians should inspect your filters often. Replace or clean your air filters every three to four weeks. This is because clean filters make your system more energy efficient. Also, they help maintain healthy air quality for your customers and staff. Furthermore, maintaining your filters helps catch dirt and grime that can put excess stress on your system.

Maintenance for Chiller Systems

If your facility is large, you likely have a chiller system to cool your indoor air. These systems remove heat from the air inside your building, rather than blowing in cool air. Here are some Houston commercial HVAC maintenance recommendations for chiller systems:

Annual Houston Commercial HVAC Chiller Maintenance

Once a year, your maintenance crew should:

  • Check the chiller lockout setpoint
  • Clean condenser tubes
  • Clean evaporator tubes
  • Inspect and lubricate the compressor motor and assembly
  • Change the compressor oil
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Check water flow
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Eddy-current test condenser and evaporator tubes

Quarterly Maintenance

Also, your HVAC maintenance crew should conduct quarterly inspections based on the manufacturer recommendations. Additionally, your quarterly chiller maintenance schedule should include checking:

  • Vane control settings
  • Motor load limit control
  • Load balance operation
  • Chilled water settings

Daily/Weekly Chiller Maintenance

In addition, your chiller system also needs daily or weekly:

  • Compressor motor temperature inspection
  • Evaporator and condenser inspection
  • Water quality tests
  • Leak tests
  • Insulation inspections
  • Oil level checks
  • Refrigerant level checks

Keeping up with your commercial HVAC maintenance schedule can be difficult while you’re focused on your day-to-day operations. Therefore, choose a reliable building maintenance crew with the solutions you need to keep your heating and cooling systems performing at peak efficiency.

At M.I.R. Enterprises, we have over 26 years of experience maintaining commercial buildings. Our crew uses computerized maintenance logs to ensure you receive the services you need. Never again worry that something fell through the cracks in your maintenance schedule. When you need HVAC maintenance, Houston healthcare facilities services, or Houston commercial lighting services, our team is here to help. Call us today at (281) 469-2140 to discuss your maintenance needs with our specialists. We are here to serve you, 24/7.

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