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How Often Should You Change Locks in a Commercial Building?


Houston building maintenance changing lock on door

Keep your property secure by working with a Houston building maintenance company to update your locks periodically.

Changing the locks in your commercial building is important for keeping your business safe and secure. Think of it like updating your computer’s password; you do it to make sure only the right people can get in. You should consider changing your building’s locks when you lose keys, after someone leaves the company, or if there’s been a break-in attempt. Doing this helps keep your workplace and everything in it safe from unwanted visitors.

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Key Reasons to Change Your Locks

Security Breach or Attempted Break-in

A security breach or an attempted break-in is a sign that the current locks might not be as secure anymore.  This could be due to a faulty lock or an unauthorized person gaining access. In such cases, it’s crucial to change the locks immediately to prevent any future incidents. It’s also a good idea to install high-security locks that are more difficult to pick or break.

Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is inevitable in any business, and when employees leave, they might still have access to the building. To ensure the safety of your workplace and confidential information, it’s important to change the locks whenever someone leaves the company or is terminated.

Lost Keys

If you or an employee loses a key, it’s important to change the locks to prevent anyone from finding and using them. This is especially crucial if there are master keys involved that can open multiple locks. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and change the locks instead of risking a security breach.

Periodic Changes as Preventive Measure

Changing locks periodically, even if there hasn’t been a specific reason to do so, is always a good preventive measure. It’s recommended to change the locks every 5 years or whenever there are changes in management or security protocols. This helps ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your building and its contents.

Wear and Tear or Difficult to Use

Locks, like any other equipment, can wear out or become difficult to use over time. This could be due to frequent use or exposure to harsh weather conditions. If you notice that your locks are not functioning properly, it’s advisable to change them as soon as possible before they completely fail and compromise the security of your building.

Trusted Houston Building Maintenance Services

Changing locks in a commercial setting regularly isn’t just about fixing what’s broken; it’s a key part of a proactive security strategy. Recognizing this practice’s importance and including it in a comprehensive security plan is crucial for protecting your premises, assets, and people.

M.I.R. Enterprises has established itself as a trusted partner in building maintenance for businesses throughout Houston. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we provide a wide range of services designed to keep your commercial property secure and well-maintained. Contact us today for a free Houston building maintenance service quote.

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