Houston Building Maintenance Services

For years, MIR Enterprises has been helping clients maintain their premises through a multitude of different services. Our company can help you eliminate your rolodex of maintenance companies that only provide you with one specific service. We are fully licensed and insured in all of our service areas and can provide references as needed. Whether you need janitorial services or interior maintenance we maintain it right.

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Houston Healthcare Facilities Services

Healthcare facilities require a specific trustworthiness and dependability from their third party service teams. Over the years MIR Enterprises has capitalized on a high quality service and personal accountability in providing maintenance services to its Healthcare clientele. MIR Enterprises provides maintenance services to all healthcare facilities.

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Houston Parking Lot Lighting

Lighting is so important to both the interior and exterior of an office building. Properly maintained interior lighting helps keep company employees safe and working efficiently. Exterior lighting is critical to maintain employee safety when leaving the office at night. MIR Enterprises wants to help you take the worries out of your commercial lighting services. Give us a call to discuss your interior and exterior commercial lighting needs.

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Houston Commercial HVAC Services

No matter how uncomfortable the temperature is outside it must remain comfortable inside. An HVAC system is often taken for granted when there are no problems, but can become a very uncomfortable situation when something breaks. MIR Enterprises keeps many HVAC systems properly maintained throughout the year for many different clients with many different HVAC systems. Let us help you keep your HVAC systems by giving us a call today.

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24 Hour Service

Houston Commercial Services

For nearly two decades Maintaining It Right Enterprises has been an area leader in commercial building maintenance. Based out of Cypress, Texas, M.I.R Enterprises strives to provide the best quality service to their customers at rates shown to be lower than the regional average for maintenance mechanics. M.I.R. Enterprises is flexible and offers customized services, based on the needs and size of your facility.

Houston Building Maintenance Services

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Lighting Retro-Fit, Required by the U.S. Department of Energy New Lamp Rules Effective July 2012

Effective Date of new DOE Standards: July 14, 2012

Only a few of today’s halogen reflector lamps, e.g. PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38, can meet the standards in the Final Rule. In order to meet the new standards, reflector lamps will need to use new technologies such as advanced infrared (IR) coatings and optimized reflector coatings. IR coatings redirect wasted heat energy emitted by the lamp filament back to the filament, increasing the temperature of the filament, and thus enabling it to produce more light without increasing wattage. Optimized reflector coatings will more efficiently direct light produced by the lamp out of the lamp and into the space being illuminated.

The few existing lamps that meet the new standards are more expensive than the standard halogen lamps on the market today. While the initial cost of the new higher efficiency reflector lamps will be higher, the consumer should see a payback through reduced electrical bills depending on the amount of time the lamps are “on”.

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We treat our clients with great respect and give them a high quality of service no matter what we are doing. If you don't believe us see what our clients are saying about us. We want to help you maintain a professional work environment no matter the job.

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