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Houston Healthcare Facilities Services: Electrical Maintenance

Maintenance professional providing Houston healthcare facilities services for electrical system

Houston healthcare facilities services should keep your electrical system healthy.

Houston healthcare facilities services aim to keep every system and component of your hospital or critical care building in good condition. This helps you provide top quality, reliable care to your patients. One type of maintenance that is paramount to hospital compliance and reliability is electrical maintenance. In this blog, we’ll discuss why you need healthcare electrical maintenance and some types of services you might need for your medical facility.

Why You Need Electrical Maintenance Houston Healthcare Facilities Services

Maintaining electrical systems in healthcare facilities helps ensure that you can provide life-saving care to your patients. Remember, practically every type of care you provide to patients relies on a stable, dependable supply of power. Equipment in your hospital needs electricity to function and physicians and nurses need good lighting to help with diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, electrical maintenance is an essential part of your Houston healthcare facilities services. 

Additionally, electrical maintenance is required for healthcare facilities. There are many codes that require hospitals and other healthcare facilities to take part in an active maintenance program for electrical systems, since they are so critical for providing patient care. For instance, the NFPA 99, CMS, and the Joint Commission all outline recommendations for electrical maintenance in healthcare facilities. Therefore, it’s essential to include the electrical system in all your preventative Houston building maintenance plans.

Types of Houston Building Maintenance for Healthcare Electrical Systems

There are many types of electrical maintenance you may need for your healthcare building. Some of these are required by code and some are just good practices. 

At the minimum, you should schedule regular inspections and testing. This allows your building maintenance crews to assess the condition of your electrical systems and determine if you need repairs or planned service. Inspections of things like the electrical panels, transfer units, emergency generators, and emergency lighting all help make sure that your system offers reliable power. 

In many cases, inspections also include additional services like using infrared technology to detect signs of overheating in wiring behind the walls. This is especially helpful in facilities with aging infrastructure to identify areas that need upgrade or major renovation. 

Maintenance Houston healthcare facilities services for the electrical system may look like many things. It can include planned replacement for equipment like electrical panels and outlets as well as rewiring areas as needed. It also often involves tightening connections, removing dust, and performing resistance tests while the electrical system is unpowered. 

Electrical maintenance often also involves Houston commercial lighting services to make sure the lights in your building are in good condition and will provide reliable light. This is especially key in areas where burnt out lights can prove deadly, like operating rooms and emergency rooms. Maintenance for lights involves ensuring bulbs are still dependable, checking ballasts for any issues, and also making sure the wiring is in good condition. 

Finally, let’s not forget all the electrical equipment in your building. Maintaining equipment generally falls to specialists, but it’s still important to note that you should follow manufacturer recommendations for maintenance for all electrical equipment, including imaging machines, respiration equipment, and patient monitors.

Building Maintenance Professionals Specializing in Healthcare Properties at MIR Enterprises

Our team at MIR Enterprises is here to provide you with all the building maintenance solutions you need. We specialize in Houston healthcare facilities services to ensure medical facilities can provide the quality care their patients need. For over 28 years, we’ve been providing dependable maintenance services you can trust. Call us 24/7 at (281) 469-2140 for service.

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